Neo falconers and eHawking

Getting started in falconry is difficult for beginners. It appears many interested individuals start the quest through the Internet. A simple google search brings up countless web pages and forums. Great information is out there and much can be learned with simple click of a mouse. Newbies come loaded with knowledge, some good but mostly just bad advice. Rubbish like a goshawk is the good bird to start with.

Unfortunately the newbie eHawkers seeking advice on club membership or regulations, many put veteran falconers in a frustrating position. Most are innocently ignorant. Some are down right presumptuous when it comes to acquiring a raptor most suitable for them. Ignoring practical advice from experienced falconers.

I know our executive receive many emails and calls inquiring on how to get started. Many are curious after seeing a hawk show others come from a hunting background. Most never get beyond the idea, which is fortunate because there is enough pet hawks in the province.

Hunting with a raptor whether it is a long or shortwing is a time consuming pursuit. To get a bird hunting successfully is an ongoing exercise in frustration and elation. The frustration my not be in terms of lack of success on the birds part but lack of suitable land access and time. The shortened winter daylight hours and busy modern life adds to the plight. Most hunting seasons are in the fall and winter months leaving the spring and summer months to the molt. Furthermore, thinking falconry is a great way the spend time in the summer you are sadly misinformed.