hawking the gos
A little Gos hawking with Gary Selinger, Ontario.

Finally able to get the gos out hunting as her weight crept up while I was at my son's wedding. It has been 3 weeks since I have been able to fly her. Weight was still pretty high but she hasn't eaten much the last few days so trying to get her metabolism jumped up a bit. Bush(forestry workers) is closed down so not many roads to hunt on and found out one guy is keeping the Seagram Rd  open for ice fishing and it just happens to be my best grouse road; so figured with it being warm yesterday and this morning there might be some grouse out. It was like being in grouse heaven!!!!!

I have never seen so many grouse on the roads in such a short space. Every corner I went around was a couple sitting on the road, but as you know when something this good happens there is always a down side. The down side was the road was only one lane wide so all the grouse were out front of the truck and since it was so warm yesterday everything froze last night so it was like driving on frozen rice crispies except a 1000 times worse. Even inside the truck it was noisy and as a result the grouse were all busting out early. It was disheartening to see 4 on the road up ahead only to have them bust off when you are still 40 yards away. She did take feathers on two of them and had two other slips but they were 30 yards out and not really a chance. If they are off to the side 30 yards away it is Ok but out front of the truck they just recognize the Gos too early. Good flights though.Very fast and good foot work to even get feathers.

I tried one other road just before calling it quits and saw 5 more before she was able to snag one. Wouldn't you know it she was sitting on the side of the road with her fresh kill telling the whole world about it and not 30 yards away another grouse just sitting there watching us. The Gos sat there for about 3 minutes then decided she wanted to eat in peace and flew into the bush about 40 yards with her prize before she had to land. Does that tell you how heavy she was...like +40 grams.

All in all a good outing seeing over 20+ grouse..hell I usually hope to see one but with the proper roads and conditions her success goes way up. If it would have been regular snow conditions it would have been a slaughter.