Membership Starts Here

The BCHC is happy to report we are active and have 40+ members currently and are growing every month. Our meetings and field outings are focused on falconry. The flying of hawks is the in the fore-front, the passion for falconry is what draws us to together as a group. New members will learn from the experience of the membership, the practical things a falconry book cannot.

If you are an experienced bird of prey trainer, a falconer who pursue's small game, or an intense raptor enthusiast.  Become a member of the BCHC! Efforts in the past to make changes to falconry issues have become derailed. Individuals have risked great personal loss to further changes to falconry issues. These actions could further benefit falconry permit holders. However the personal actions are still uncertain. Many good falconers, and novices have been put off by the political nature BC falconry. A division between some of the past members have lead falconry in a new direction, an exciting direction.

The Ministry has used the fragmentation from within the club as an obstacle. Our voice pertaining to falconry in past was preaching to deaf ears!!

It is important that all BC falconry permit holders consider becoming an active member. The larger the BCHC becomes the louder the voice. If issue's concerning falconers arise, our influence is stronger.

The mission of the BCHC is to support and encourage the legal practice of falconry. The training of a hawk to pursue natural occurring quarry is the true essence of the sport. The club exists for this very reason, and your support will ensure that our recreation continues long into the future.

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