peales harvest
Passage Peales Take:
British Columbia Ministry of the Environment are allowing resident permitted falconers a take of 6 Passage Peales. Opening September 1/2010. Trapping areas 1-12 and 1-13 only.

The Haines road has been opened again for the trapping of passage Gyrfalcons. A lottery for permits will take place, date to be determined.

Correspondence from Victoria, Myke Chutter and Brian Francoer.

HI Brian – OK so here is what I have found out.
The YK did manage to conduct HYRF productivity surveys this June – results were low (30-40%), but they have agreed to a harvest of 2 GYRFs from the Haines Area, which can again be accessed by road as the YK have managed to re-write their regulations to accommodate this.  We will have to notify YK of any applicants that want to go to Haines via the YK as they will have to get YK permits authorising them to transfer their equipment and any birds they capture through the YK.  We’ll also have to issue bands to falconers going to Haines as any bird caught must be banded before taking them back through the YK to BC. 
Gerad is going to conduct the draws today; however it appears that there were the same 6 applicants for GYRF/PEFA, so all will be successful.  First drawn will have the option of Haines.  All will have an option of either 2 GYRFS or 1 GYRF and 1 PEFA, assuming they haven’t already captured birds this year (as the max harvest for all raptors is 2/year).  If some of the first called choose to go for 2 GYRFs and 0 PEFA, then the next in line will also have the option of 2 PEFA....Gerad will try to contact the draw winners (probably next week)  in order to give them their options.
Gerad passes on his apologies for the delays, as suspected, staff changes and cutbacks have affected our abilities to be as prompt as in the past.

Cheers, Myke