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Braided Leash Systems:

This Fox type system is the safest means for securing a hawk to its perch. No need to ever worry about a falconers knot again. I have been using braided systems for 15 years. Now available: 8 strand square-braid leashes and jess systems. The nylon cord used in this leash/jess system is extremely strong and mildew resistant. Another desirable feature of this system is the seamlessly braid-in sennit rose knot used as the button on the jesses, extender and leash. Jesses slide in and out of the grommets easily, and defies your hawks efforts at destroying it. You will not be disappointed!!

  • Jesses only: $20.00 (6.5”)

  • Jess Extender: $14.00 (5.5”)

  • Leash: $24.00 (22”)

  • Swivel: $20.00 TIG welded custom falconry specific

Or $50 complete system without swivel add $20 for swivel.

Custom lengths available.

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