harris hawking

The 3 Amigo’s Hat Trick
By Bob Smirfitt

Trevor and I met at a local bunny hot spot near some railroad tracks and behind a lumber mill. Up go the "3 amigos.” These being my 3 year old tiercel harris "Tron", Trevor's 5 year old tiercel harris "Jimmy" and a 1 year old tiercel harris from our breeding program last year "Banjo". We start the brush bashing. We work the railroads with nothing flushing so we decided to go into the forrest. Right away "Jimmy" starts working a grey squirrel but luckily looses interest in a few minutes. We start bashing when a rabbit starts sneaking out in some tall grass and is nailed by Banjo in a short but twisting stoop out of the trees by the young boy. Tron piles in but get him off for little food as he did nothing. This young bird is really coming along and is rounding out to a true bunny hawk. We continue on with the birds sulking a little bit.

Soon Tron and Jimmy are working a rabbit but they loose it in the high grass. We continue on. Banjo then does a nice red tail style stoop but misses the rabbit. The rabbit breaks cover and in a nice 30+ yard flight, Tron nails it for a solo effort. Banjo works himself out the weeds and then piles in for his share. Jimmy has been showing little effort for the rabbits and since he doesn't really work with the 2 boys that much and he stays on a fence as we deal with them. Tron gets a rabbit front leg for the catch while Banjo gets a few bites.

We decide to hood up the birds and go to another place which is a short walk. We get there and let them at it. We start hitting a doable bush with all 3 in perfect position. I'm behind the bush so I don't see anything when I hear trevor giving the game call and hear the squeals of the 3rd caught rabbit for the day. This was another decent flight with the rabbit being caught about 40 yards from the bush. All 3 of them are now on this rabbit and trevor said that Tron took the initial shot, missed, then Jimmy made the head shot with Banjo joining in milliseconds later. So I take Tron off hooded him and put him in the grass. I trade off Banjo so we can let Jimmy have his jollies on the rabbit. Once we let the birds settle for a bit we continue on but nothing gets flushed. So we call it a day with a nice triple for the "3 amigos."