Welcome to the B C Hawking Club

The BCHC site has been established to promote – within the province of British Columbia, Canada - the sport of falconry - the recreational use of trained, free-flying birds of prey at legal game species.

The BCHC is dedicated to protecting and extending the privileges of falconers, in the context that the sport of falconry represents both a responsible and conservative utilization of both wild and domestically bred raptors.

Hunting with a hawk is a rewarding pastime. The level of dedication to acquire and maintain an elite hunting hawk cannot be underestimated. It is not an endeavour for the dabbler. If you can see yourself in the legal hunting environment with a bird on a daily basis, you might have what it takes to undertake the pursuit of ‘falconry’. If not, do yourself a favour and STOP. It is only the hawk that will suffer from the poor handling and lack of the success in the hunting field.

Educational/display flying, bird abatement, raptor breeding and rehabilitation is NOT falconry. If you see a hawk as a means to acquire an income without first dedicating to the game hawking discipline you really missed the point. Falconry is a living and breathing pastime and most of all FUN. So please get involved for the right reasons.

The BC Hawking Club supports the activities of  the North American Falconers Association, and the British Columbia Wildlife Federation.